Kinnekulle Camping & Stugby is an Info Point.

At Info Points, visitors to the Kinnekulle area can find information and maps.

Staff are available to provide tips on outing destinations, current activities and services in the area. Some Info Points provide Internet access, enabling you to search for information on our website. Info Points have the same opening hours as the companies hosting them. A visitor's computer with Internet access is also available so that you can independently research information on our website.

Info Points in Götene

Info Points in Lidköping

Info Points Light

At a Info Point Light you will find touristbrochure and map.

  • Coop Änghagen, Lidköping
  • Ica Hjertberg Framnäs, Lidköping
  • Ica Kvantum, Götene
  • Forshems församlingshem, Kinnekulle
  • OKQ8 Lidköping
  • Pressbyrån resecentrum Lidköping
  • Rasta Götene
  • Statoil Lidköping