At the campsite we have a range of activitys.

Take a dip in the lake or why not dive from the cliffs, go-carts, tramp cars, peddal-boats, trampolines, crazy golf, beach volleyball, diving boards, playground and much more...


Few places in Europé have so good fishing with a large variety of fresh water fish from wild salmon, rainbow, trout, pike, pike-perch, perch and lavaret( whitefish),bream and burbot.

Every year there is several arranged fishing competitions. More information can be found on Vänerlands homepage.


There are many arranged events around Kinnekulle, like art exhibitions, nature tours, markets, concerts and motor racing/meetings for cars and bikes,new and old.

The art exhibition in Falkängen, Kinnekulle-meeting (which is a drag fishing tournament), Kinnekulleknallen (walk), Vårrundan (spring tour) around Kinnekulle are yearly. Kinnekulle is also the staging ground for a part of Jan Guillous popular books about the Templerider Arn Magnusson and to follow in his footsteps is not to be missed by those interested in the middle-ages. At the Turistportal Kinnekulles homepage you can see this years program.